True color transfers


A gang sheet is a single file that is created by arranging whatever designs you need printed in an organized layout. In a gang sheet you can have many different designs and/or multiples of one design.

  • CMYK Color Printing
  • 16 K Possible Colors
  • Accepted file formats are: TIFF, PNG, AI, or PDF
  • Use for 4-color CMYK printing

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Artwork Requirements for apparel DTF Transfers:

  • Must be 300dpi resolution for raster artwork
  • Clean crisp edges: fading or drop shadow edges will not print correctly
  • Must have transparent background
  • Artwork line thickness should be a minimum 2 points
  • You can submit a single artwork design or create a gang sheet design, it must fit within the selected film sheet size
  • RGB format file type is PNG
  • CYMK format file type is TIFF
  • We also accept these vector file types: AI, PSD, CDR, PDF as file uploads

**We cannot process grayscale formatted artwork**Do not upload jpeg**

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12×22, 22×24, 22×36, 22×48, 22×60, 22×72, 22×84, 22×96, 22×108, 22×120


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