P Diddy this P Diddy that P Diddy met his match Diageo North America Inc.  Sean “Diddy” Combs  accused the world’s biggest spirits maker of racism in neglecting his liquor brands.

For decades P Diddy “Sean Puffy Combs” has had his share of attacks from every angel in the entertainment business and some how he’s always ended on top making attacker look like liars and painted as a bad person now the tables has turned and SEAN P DIDDY COMBS met his match when 

Diageo Breaks Up With Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs After His Accusations of Racism

When Sean Diddy Combs  accused Diageo of racism to the public with a law suite the owners of Cîroc and DeLeon liquor brands the company that said they paid Diddy  a billion dollars over 10 years period of time  felt betrayed and then Diddy started to  


Diageo it as a slap in the face that someone that the company felt they did good business with and paid very well would try to tarnish their brand to the public like that and stop some of their sale in other words mess with their name and money Sean Diddy combs went against the wrong people this time with more money and power than him.
Its seems like Diageo company spent that 275 million for one of their liquor campaigns and spent it on a campaign against Sean Diddy Combs causing Cassie and hundred of others to come forward with lots of media press claiming all types  sex allegations against the Hip Hop mogul and its hasn’t let up or stope since it started  someone want to teach Sean Diddy Combs a real life changing lesson in front of the world with new things happening like the homeland security raiding and vandalizing  his houses in LA and Miami putting his family in hand cuffs yeah Sean Diddy Combs met his match for sure his name and businesses are getting dragged thought the mud tarnishing his legacy in real life front page worldwide news.


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