Daenerys is a young woman in her early teens. She is short of stature and very beautiful, with the silver-blonde hair and purple eyes for which House Targaryen has always been known. [5] Dany is said to bear a certain physical resemblance to Naerys Targaryen.[6] By A Dance with Dragons rumours of Daenerys's striking beauty are spreading far and wide. In her youth, Dany was a meek, timid girl with little confidence or self-esteem. She knew no life other than one of exile, dependent and in constant fear of her brother Viserys. He was the only family she knew, but was often a cruel guardian, prone to mood swings and fits of violence. Her marriage to Khal Drogo was a turning point for her; adapting to life in a Dothraki khalasar was difficult, but it allowed her to begin to achieve independence from her abusive brother, and she emerged from the experience as a strong, confident, courageous woman. Nevertheless, she has not forgotten what it was like to be a victimized child, and her experiences have left her with a compassion that is unusual in a would-be conqueror. She is determined to bring justice through her reign, and has made ending slavery a particular priority. Despite her strong moral compass, however, she is capable of dealing ruthlessly with her enemies.

Age: 24

Hair: White

Dress: Any

From: USA

Live: America

Height: 5'5''

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 49 kg

Race: American

Size: 32/24/36

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