Empress Aria


Empress Aria is a model/singer/actress living in Atlanta. Her multiracial and cultural background make this super model personable and widely relatable amongst many nations. Aria’s bloodline consists of African-American, French, German, Irish, Puerto Rican, and Native American ancestry that is showcased in a unique blend of exotic features such as stunning big brown eyes and a honey golden complexion topped with supple full lips that would make Angelina Jolie jealous. This California native loves the outdoors and to explore new terrain. Her competitive nature keeps her active with various physical activities involving sports, running, yoga, and martial arts in her free time. A health conscious and athletic lifestyle could not be more apparent by her nicely toned physique, which perfectly captures swim suits and athletic wear. Also obvious, is her complete control of body placement, elegance, and unrivaled grace; exhibited in fluid poses and a captivating walk developed from training in ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance giving her an edge in high fashion. Equally talented and ambitious as she is beautiful, Aria is working on numerous creative projects and is excited to release an EP to kick off 2017 along with other business ventures to strengthen her brand. An Empress in her own right, this crusader is out to capture one city, one heart at a time, spreading positive vibes and a message that love conquers all!

Age: 22

Hair: Black

Dress: 2/4

From: California

Live: Atlanta, GA

Height: 5'4

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 120 lbs

Race: Multi- racial

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